Usage of the PRINDOR technology

The Prindor cold stamping technology brings new options to the clients who have so far used the hot stamping. At the same time, it opens new options to those who so far, for various reasons, did not use hot stamping.



The Prindor technology can be used to print on material up to a thickness of one millimeter, which corresponds approximately to 750 grams per square meter. Prindor gives the packaging a unique appearance and color scheme..



Prindor is also suitable for these substrates and can also be used to print on labels. Another advantage is the option to make labels and other packaging in equal quality and color scheme. The result is a uniform appearance of packaging..

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Prindor can give an unmistakable appearance to a magazine cover or to its individual pages. The labels, previously only achievable by using hot stamping, are now available with better details. The printed material is not temperature stressed, so the print is, therefore, more precise. Therefore, a luxury titles publisher house does not have to worry about an imprecisely printed magazine. Thanks to Prindor, they can also offer an added value to the advertisers.



Printing on metallic substrate can enhance the metallic appearance of objects or, for example, reflection of a water level. Prindor will precisely highlight the required areas including the smallest details, such as cracks, textile fibers, or structure of a metallic surface. It only depends on imagination and abilities when preparing a graphic design. A catalog of bathroom accessories, jewelry, or furniture using the enhancing Prindor technology will impress a customer much more than an offset print without any effects.