Specifics of print preparation for Prindor


Prindor – print procedure

The technology of cold foil stamping process Prindor is based on uses a silver foil, which is toned using CMYK print. It is applied inline in a single pass through a machine. First, an adhesive color is applied, on which is then applied the foil. Other options include CMYK print, application of varnishes and others.


Preparation of source documents for Prindor

Preparation of print data for Prindor is easy. The objects determined for application of foil are under laid with a direct color named, for example, Prindor-silver. The object above the foil creating the design and tone is marked in the vector editor as the so called overprint. In the bitmap editor, it will be a part of the fifth channel, in which all the objects determined for application on the foil will be placed.


Prindor and colors

Sums of colors printed on a foil should not exceed the limit 240 %. The color shades behave differently on a foil than on a white chalk paper or a carton. Therefore, it is suitable to use the sample book provided by us to our clients.


Tips for a pre-printing preparation

In certain cases, it is possible that even the existing graphics will look good when using Prindor. Therefore, it is not always necessary to create a completely new design to use Prindor. However, in new graphics designed from the very beginning to be used with Prindor, one can achieve incomparably better effects.

When choosing foil application, a moderate approach. proves as the best. With Prindor, less often means more, for example, with the motive of a clock, under laid hands and frame of the dial will make a significantly better impression than a monolithic metal cake. Analogically, silver accessories in an automobile under laid with a foil will impress more than a foil applied to the entire car.

Use the contrast of lights and shadows and additional gloss of the foil. The white color of the printed substrate will “shine” on a motive with foil, while black color without a foil will be very contrasting.