Prindor – from the perspective of a graphic studio

One of the graphic studios which works with Prindor is the Pyramide. studio in Brno. Alexandr Snopek summarizes the experience with the technology:

At first, the preparation of the documentation was not easy: “The design for Prindor did not come out right the first time.” We had to discover basic rules for application of Prindor. “For example, it is not very effective to apply Prindor on large surfaces; it is better to focus on details. I had to keep in mind that the graphics look differently with different impact angles of light,” adds Snopek.

Prindor means for Pyramide a change: “It was very unusual for us. So far, we have not been using much of the metallic effects, we thought they were a bit cheesy,” explains Snopek and adds: “But with Prindor, there are practically no limits regarding colors or size, one can influence the result much better and we really like that.

According to Snopek, Prindor is a benefit for creative work: “One can work with effects much better. The price is still the same, so it gives us a lot of room.” Prindor also allows the studio to “play” more with the design: “One can handle the effects with good control. The motive can escalate the effects or hide them,” Snopek explains of the advantages of designs for Prindor. And he adds: “It is also a good idea to highlight the objects on the foil, add color to them and increase their contrast.”

The sample book prepared by TOP TISK obaly for Prindor is important for Snopek: “Colors look differently on Prindor, so the comparison sample books are truly useful. I think that any studio that wants to work with Prindor will need them.”