Walmark uses Prindor

The metallic print using Prindor expands the options palette for packaging manufacturers. The perspective of one of those explains Libor Musil , Marketing Director of the Walmark joint stock company; the biggest manufacturer of food supplements in Central and Eastern Europe.

Using metallic effects on packaging was somewhat limited in the past for Walmark. “We needed a more sophisticated technology to achieve the luxury appearance”, explains Musil. In case of premium and action products, we often had to make compromises on the packaging.

“What we like about Prindor is that we can easily achieve a luxury appearance of packaging of our premium action products,” adds Musil. The advantages of Prindor persuaded the Walmark representative to the extent that it is using it this year on Christmas packaging of several products, for example, the Proenzi preparative for joint nutrition, specifically, its variant Proenzi 3. From others, we should mention the Viaderm capsules for hair and nail health, or the popular Lecithin for the nutrition of brain cells.